Melbourne Datacentre can improve your organisation's operational efficiency by maximising the effectiveness of your existing systems, reducing your operational risk and assisting in the planning of your future technology needs. Melbourne Datacentre's services range from the installation of equipment in a managed environment to technology management services and support. Our highly skilled technical staff, technological capabilities, quality of our infrastructure and our proven ability to deliver in critical real time matched to, supporting Service Level Agreements, will ensure the operational effectiveness of your business. What's more, you can rely on our efficient practices built up over 20 years to deliver high quality customer service and responsiveness.


By partnering with Melbourne Datacentre you are aligning yourself with an organisation with access to new and leading technologies, with and infrastructure built for delivering mission critical, real time systems and a strong reputation for integrity, reliability and efficiency.

By securing your systems with Melbourne Datacentre, you are provided with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your systems are managed effectively by experts 24/7 – allowing you to focus on your company’s core business.  We have specialists from a range of fields including, niche leading-edge technologies such as SAN, integrated security infrastructure and fault tolerant systems.  Our staff are trained across many disciplines to ensure optimal system performance and fault resolution.

By selecting Melbourne Datacentre you will be rewarded with reduced costs and improved operation efficiency through the use of proven methodologies and efficient practices.  We have a leading record of running and maintaining critical systems.  We understand the importance of systems reliability and how to maximise the capacity from your existing investment.  You select the services you need.